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Minor in Linguistics

Degree Requirements


​18 credits distributed as follow​s:
Required Courses, 6 CreditsProjected Offering​
LING 202: Science of Language
​Take 1st semester in minor.  Typically offered each semester. Typically​ offered each semester.
One of the Following, 3 Credits
​LING 403: INTRODUCTION TO PHONOLOGY.​Pre-Req: LING 202.  Typically offered each fall.
​LING 404: STRUCTURE OF LANGUAGE.​Pre-Req: LING 101.  Typically offered each spring.
​LING 418: MEANING & LANGUAGE USE. CGSC 490: MEANING & REFERENCE. ​Pre-Req: LING 101.  Typically offered every other fall. X-list CGSC & PHIL 418.Typically offered every other fall.  Alternates years with LING 418.​
9 Additional Credits Selected from the following List​3 credits must be at the 300- or 400-level.
​ANY LING course  Any course cross-listed with LING, except for Independent Studies.
​CGSC 170: Introduction to Cognitive Science


  • Students must earn a C- or higher in all courses used for the CGSC minor. Must be taken for a letter grade - pass/fail will not be accepted.
  • Students may not take 600-level courses and have them count towards the LING minor.
  • With the exception of LING 101, students minoring in Linguistics and minoring in Cognitive Science may not count a single course towards both minors.
  • With the exception of LING 101 and CGSC 485, students minoring in Linguistics and majoring Cognitive Science may not count a single course towards both degrees.​
Minor in Lingistics Requirements
​​Last Updated 10/18/2016
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Minor in Linguistics
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