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Phonology and Phonetics

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Faculty and graduate students at the University of Delaware are conducting cutting-edge research in the areas of phonology, phonetics, and their interface. The kinds of questions asked include:

  • How can we characterize the sound patterns of different languages?

  • What principles account for the variety of sound patterns of different languages?

  • What role do various factors play in how a child might learn the sound pattern of his or her or language?

  • What is the relationship between perception and production of speech?

This research group also makes use of the Speech, Phonetics, and Phonology Lab​ on campus to investigate human speech. This lab provides resources for making high quality recordings, speech analysis, and tools for developing experiments and computational models relating to human speech.

The lab website is here


Faculty Contact: 

Kathryn Franich

Irene Vogel

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Phonology and Phonetics
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Phonology and Phonetics
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