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Combined BS/BA and MA Option

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Combined B.S./B.A. and M.A. Option*  

Qualified undergraduate students in the in the B.S. in Cognitive Science or B.A. in Linguistics, as well as students completing a Bachelors degree in related fields like Anthropology, Computer and Information Science, Philosophy and Psychology (and other fields by application) may apply for the Combined B.S./B.A and M.A. option, which combines the requirements of the undergraduate and master’s degree programs in Cognitive Science (or Linguistics) and Linguistics and Cognitive Science. Whereas the traditional programs for the B.S. and M.A. degrees in Cognitive Science, and Linguistics and Cognitive Science involve 4 years of undergraduate work and 2 years of graduate work, the Combined B.S./B.A. and M.A. option enables students to earn both degrees in a 5-year period. Students who complete the Combined B.S./B.A. and M.A. program will graduate with both a Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Science (or a B.A. degree in Linguistics) and a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics and Cognitive Science.  Students who are candidates for the Combined B.S./B.A. and M.A. option, and who complete the requirements for the B.S./B.A. but fail to complete the additional M.A. requirements, will receive the B.S. or B.A. degree.

*Please note that the M.A. degree is a degree in Linguistics and Cognitive Science. The M.A. program is not a professional program in Speech Pathology, and does not offer a concentration in Speech Pathology.


Admission into the Combined B.S. / B.A and M.A. Program

The application process requires submission of a completed graduate application form online by using the following link 


 The Departmental Graduate Studies Committee will review all applicants on a rolling basis. To ensure that all of the requirements for both degrees can be fulfilled, the ideal time for students to apply for admission to the combined B.S./B.A. and M.A. program is at the end of the sophomore year, however, applications at other times will also be considered.

At the time of application, the student must have completed, or be currently enrolled in, at least the following courses: LING101, CGSC170 and two additional 400-level LING or CGSC courses.

Initial admission will be based upon the following:


1.  SAT or ACT scores used for admission to UD

2.  An undergraduate GPA of at least 3.25

3. Personal Statement specifically addressing interest in the 4+1 program

4. Writing Sample

5. Two letters of recommendation from UD faculty


Admission is competitive so meeting the minimal requirements for admission does not guarantee admission nor does the failure to meet a requirement result in an automaticrejection.

* Note: The GRE is not required for admission to the Combined B.S. / B.A. and M.A. program by UD undergraduates.


Maintaining Status within the Program

Upon admission into the program, the student will meet with the 4+1 advisor and the M.A. advisor to develop a preliminary program of study, including elective courses. The student will then, for the duration of the program, meet with either advisor prior to registration for each of the semesters leading to completion of the combined B.S./B.A. and M.A. program.

Continuation in the 4+1 program is contingent upon maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 in undergraduate courses with CGSC and LING designations and in graduatecoursework. Satisfactory progress also includes appropriately following the prescribed program of study.


Students who fail to meet the minimum GPA requirements or fail to show progress toward the degree will be place on probation, and if the situation is not corrected by the next semester, will be removed from the Combined B.S./B.A. and M.A. program. They may, however, continue in the undergraduate major unless theirundergraduate progress is unsatisfactory according to the rules in effect for the their undergraduate program.


Students are strongly encouraged to finish the undergraduate portion of their 4+1 program before starting the final graduate year. Students should also be aware of the fact that after eight semesters of studies as undergraduate students they will be charged graduate tuition.


Degree Requirements for the Combined B.S. / B.A. Degree and Master of Arts in Linguistics and Cognitive Science Degree


Students in the combined B.S. / B.A. Degree and Master of Arts in Linguistics and Cognitive Science Degree must complete the full 124 credit hours of the B.S./B.A. undergraduate major as well as the full thirty credit hours of the M.A.

See the description of the M.A. in Linguistics and Cognitive Science for requirements of that component of the program.


Course Overlap and Substitutions


In the event that a student in the combined B.S./B.A. and M.A. program completes – as an undergraduate – a required graduate course or other 400-level course with content very similar to a 600-level course and elects to count that course toward the bachelor’s degree, s/he will be permitted to substitute another appropriate graduate course for the MA. 

Similarly, when a student completes a 400-level undergraduate course that has content very similar to that of a parallel 600-level graduate course, s/he may substitute another appropriate graduate course for the M.A. 

​All course substitutions must be made in consultation with the student’s advisor(s).

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Combined BS/BA and MA Option
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Combined BS/BA and MA Option
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