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Linguistics Major

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Degree Type:  Bachelor of Arts

Requirements (30 hours/credits)

  • Students must earn a C- or higher in all courses that make up the major. 
  • Students may not take courses pass/fail unless the course is graded solely on a pass/fail basis.
  • 600-level courses will not count towards the B.A. degree in Linguistics unless these courses are being used towards an honors degree
  • To receive honors credit for a 600-level course, please email the undergraduate advisor.
  • Credits may be counted only once toward a degree.
  • Students majoring in linguistics and minoring in cognitive science may not use the same courses towards both, with the exception of LING 101.
  • Students double majoring in linguistics and cognitive science may not use the same courses towards both degrees, with the exception of LING101.


All of the Following, 12 Credits

​CourseNotes​Expected Offerings​
​LING 101: Introduction to LinguisticsTake 1st Term in Major​Fall, Spring, Winter​
​LING 202: Science of Language​Pre-Req: LING101​Fall, Spring, Winter
​LING 403: Introduction to PhonologyPre-Req: LING 202​Each Fall​
​LING 404: Structure of LanguagePre-Req: LING 101​Each Spring​

Semantics: One of the Following, 3 Credits

​LING 418: Meaning and Language Use​Pre-Req: LING 101​Every other Fall​
​CGSC 490: Philosophy of Language​Every other Fall (alternates with LING 418)

Capstone: One of the Following, 3 Credits

​LING 401: Historical Linguistics
​Pre-Req: LING 101
​Every other Fall
​LING 471: Discovering Human Language
​Pre-Req: LING 101
​Every other Spring
​LING 480: Sociolinguistics
​Pre-Req: LING101 and 202
​Each Spring
​CGSC 485: Seminar in Cognitive Science

Restricted Electives: 12 Additional Credits drawn from LING or courses cross-listed with LING, or courses from the following list: PHIL 205 Logic, CGSC 170 Introduction to Cognitive Science, CGSC 485 Seminar in Cognitive Science, CGSC 490 Philosophy of Language. Six credits must be 300-level or above.

Note: The course used to satisfy the major's Capstone requirement cannot simultaneously count towards the Restricted Electives requirement.

 LING BA Progress and Planning Form.pdf

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Linguistics Major
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Linguistics Major
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