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Minor in Cognitive Science

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Cognitive Science studies the computational and representational structure of the mind by combining linguistics, philosophy, anthropology, computer science (especially artificial intelligence), and psychology. 

Courses for the minor in cognitive science focus on three areas: 

1) broad foundational issues in linguistics, psychology, and computing; 

2) more specialized issues in mental representation, computation, theoretical linguistics, and epistemology; 

3) problems in cognition, data processing, language and formal representation that are related to students' particular interests.

Degree Requirements, Minor in Cognitive Science


  • ​Students must earn a C- or higher in all courses used for the CGSC minor. Courses must be taken for a letter grade - pass/fail will not be accepted.
  • Students may not take 600-level courses and have them count towards the LING minor.
  • With the exception of LING 101, students minoring in Linguistics and minoring in Cognitive Science may not count a single course towards both minors.
  • With the exception of LING 101, students minoring in Cognitive Science and majoring in Linguistics may not count a single course towards both degrees.
A.  All of the Following, 9 Credits
​CGSC 170 Introduction to Cognitive Science​3 Credits
​LING 101 Introduction to Linguistics​3 Credits
​PSYC 100 General Psychology​3 Credits
B.  One of the Following, 3 Credits​
​CISC 101 Principles of Computing​​3 Credits
​CISC 103 Intro to Computer Science, w/Web Applications​​​3 Credits
​CISC 106 General Computer for Engineers​​​​​3 Credits
​CISC 108 General Computer Science

LING202 Science of Language

PHIL205 Logic
​​3 Credits

​3 Credits

3 Credits
C.  Any CGSC course or CGSC Cross-Listed course, with the exception of independent studies​, 3 Credits​​​​
​D.  One of the Following, 3 Credits​​
​CISC 181 Introduction to Computer Science II (Prereq:  CISC106 or CISC108; Coreq:  MATH221, or MATH241)​3 Credits
​EDUC462 Language Acquisition​4 Credits
​LING 444 First Language Development (Prereq: LING101)​3 Credits
​PSYC 310 Sensation & Perception (Prereqs: PSYC207 & PSYC209)​3 Credits
​PSYC 314 Brain & Behavior (X-list: CGSC314; Prereq: PSYC100 or NSCI100)​

PSYC 340  Cognition (X-list, CGSC 340 - Prereq: PSYC207 & PSYC209)

PSYC 344 Psychology of Lang. (Prereqs: PSYC209 & CGSC 170)

PSYC 350 Developmental Psychology (Prereq: PSYC207 & PSYC209)

Minor in Cognitive Science Requirements

​3 Credits

3 Credits

3 Credits

3 Credits
Requirements updated 08/02/2019
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Cognitive Science Minor
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Minor in Cognitive Science
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