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Language Acquisition

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Language Acquisition is one of the central topics in cognitive science. Experimental research is focused on first and second language acquisition in infants, children, and adults, language processing in adults and children, and the neural and genetic bases of language and its relation to other mental processes. An area of special strength is first language acquisition. This group is genuinely interdepartmental, including faculty from the departments of Linguistics and Psychology, and from the School of Education. Agencies funding this research have included NIH and NSF.

Acquisition of Jakarta Indonesian 

Principal UD investigators: Gabriella Hermon and Peter Cole

Language Acquisition and Brain Lab (QLAB)

Principle investigator: Zhenghan Qi

Infant Language Project 

Principal investigator: Roberta Golinkoff

Language and Cognition lab 

Principal investigator: Anna Papafragou


Faculty Contact: 

Peter Cole 

Gabriella Hermon

Zhenghan Qi

Roberta Golinkoff

Anna Papa‚Äčfragou

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Language Acquisition
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Language Acquisition
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