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Voluntary Research Participation

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Students are invited to participate as volunteers in experiments conducted by researchers in the Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science. Some studies will offer a small dollar amount. You may also earn extra credit in a class if your instructor allows it. Please ask your professor* in advance if they offer extra credit in return for experiment participation.(*Currently, profs. Andreasen and Straitman do not offer experiment participation as extra credit.)

Extra Credit

Your professor will decide how much your research participation is worth towards extra credit. The researcher will email your instructor at the end of their study indicating how much time you spent in the study and what you did. Your instructor may also ask you to submit a written report related to the research participants.

Students who are taking multiple LING/CGSC courses: For each experiment in which you participate, you can only get extra credit in ONE course for each experiment participation. You will be asked to indicate which class you want your extra credit for. Please make your decision before you sign up for the experiment.

Note that you can also participate in an experiment simply because you are interested in seeing how linguistic research is conducted and would like to volunteer your time.


Please be aware of the eligibility criteria that are indicated for each experiment and do not sign up unless you qualify. You may participate in more than one experiment, but you may only participate once in each experiment. You have to be at least 18 years old to participate.

Signing up for participation

Email the researcher to make an appointment. Make note of the time and location of the experiment when you sign up. You are responsible for arriving on time to all experiments. Please consult the Campus Map in advance to see where buildings are so you know how to get there. The research labs often run on tight schedules – if you arrive late you may have to reschedule.


If you have to cancel your appointment, please contact the researcher of the study at least one day in advance.

Alternative Assignment

All instructors that allow students to receive extra credit in their courses through research participation will also have an alternative extra credit assignment available for those students who do not meet the research criteria or who do not wish to participate in research.

Research Projects Welcoming Participation

Title: Pitch MMN​ ​ ​ ​ ​
EligibilityLocationDurationActive periodResearcherEmail
Native English speakers, no speech or hearing problemsSTAR campus 105C1.5 hoursRyan
Description: You will watch a silent movie (Wall-E) and passively hear a sequence of syllables.
Title: Language processing study
EligibilityLocationDuration Active periodResearcherEmail
Native English speakers OR native speakers of Spanish or Mandarin Chinese who learned English from an early age; no speech or hearing problems.fNIRS lab, in Linguistics Department,125 E. Main Street1.5 hoursSarah Wang
Description: You will participate in language tasks such as listening to sentences.

​ ​ ​

Title: NS Phonological Learnability
Native, Monolingual English speakersSTAR campus 105C2 hours4Enes Avcu

Description: You will listen to words from an unfamiliar language and will respond to questions about what you hear. This is an ERP experiment, which means you will wear a specialized cap to measure brain activity during the experiment.
Title: Reading Comprehension Task
Native English speakersRm 111, Dept. of Ling and Cog Sci (125 E Main St.)2 hours4Jinwoo
Description: You will read a series of English sentences and answer a simple comprehension question for each sentence.

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Research Participation
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Voluntary Research Participation
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