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​​Please consider helping to support the Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science at the University of ​Delaware.  Your gift goes directly to students in the department.  Gift funds are used to support student research and travel, and to provide scholarships and awards.

The Chichester-Dupont Scholarship

​Through a generous donation, the Department is able to award the Chichester-Dupont Scholarship every year to an undergraduate student in the pre-professional program in speech/language pathology.  The recipient of this award in 2015 is Kimberly Cummings, pictured here.  Kimberly is currently a senior in the Honors BS in Cognitive Science, with a minor in Disabilities Studies.​  In 2014, two students shared the award, Max Seide and Alison​ McQuiston.  Max Seide is currently in the MA program in Speech/Language Pathology at the University of Washington, Seattle.  Alison McQuiston is currently in the MA program in Speech/Language Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh.  You can designate your gift to contribute to this scholarship.

Achievement Awards

The Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science also recognizes outstanding academic achievement by offering awards to top undergraduate students every year at convocation.  There are three such awards:

  1. The Louis A. Arena Award for Outstanding Achievement in Undergraduate Speech/Language Pathology.  In 2015 this award was presented to Julianne Beck.
  2. The Robert J. Di Pietro Award for Outstanding Achievement in Undergraduate Linguistics​.  In 2015 this award was presented to Devra Brace.
  3. The Award for Outstanding Achievement in Undergraduate Cognitive Science.  In 2015 this award was presented to Alison McQuiston.

These awards are supported by gift funds contributed by friends of the department.  Please consider making a gift to help recognize and award undergraduate student achievement.

Student Research and Travel

​​Gift funds also help to support student research projects and travel.  For example, undergraduate students Adam Breiner and Alex Reichel, at left, participated in an on-going cross-linguistic study of the acoustic properties of stress and focus.  Languages examined in this study so far include Arabic, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.​

Gift funds also help to support graduate student travel.  PhD students and MA students travel to important conferences to present the results of their research.  These include such conferences as the Linguistic Society of America annual meeting, the annual meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, the Boston University Conference on Language Development, and the Society for the Neurobiology of Language​.  Students also travel to various locales to gather data, for instance to Guatemala to gather data on Mayan languages, or to Greece to record acoustic properties of spoken Greek.

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