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News Students awarded summer funding

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​Taylor Miller (right), PhD candidate, performed fieldwork in Oklahoma and 

Manitoba this summer. She is shown here with one of the speakers she worked


​​​A number of PhD and MA students were ​awarded summer funding from the department this year. These students received funding  through a competitive process and have spent the last three months working on their research projects. Congratulations to all awardees! The students who received funding are listed below along with the titles of their projects.

Nimer Abusalim: The Semantics of Degree Nominal Comparative Constructions

Sam Cheng: Prosodic Motor Control in English: Compound and Phrasal Stress. 

Hossep Dolatian: Finding the Acoustic Properties of Prominence in Armenian (subproject in Dr. Vogel's "Acoustic Properties of Prominence Across Languages" project)

Myrto Grigoroglou: Informativeness, typicality and listener needs in children's event descriptions

Yaqian Huang & Chao Han: The Acoustic Manifestation of Focus in Mandarin Chinese

Hyun Jin Hwangbo: Underlying representation in Generative Phonology and Morpheme Alternant Theory

Yue Ji: Event perception and description by children

Taylor Miller: The Phonological Structure of Polysynthetic Languages

Justin Rill: Syntactic ergativity: a typological approach.

Lars Stromdahl: The Control of Purpose Clauses

Mai Ha Vu: Negation and Negative Polarity Items.

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A number of MA and PhD students were awarded summer funding from the department this year.

​A number of MA and PhD students were awarded summer funding from the department this year.​​

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Students awarded summer funding
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Students awarded summer funding
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