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PhD Specialization Areas

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PhD Specializations

  • All PhD students must complete the required courses (15 credits) as well as a required primary specialization area. 
  • Additional specialization areas can be completed as part of the 24 “related” credit requirement.

Required  courses for all PhD students  (15 credits)

Note: We encourage students to take these courses in their first year. PhD students are expected to pass their qualifying exams (QEs) before the start of their second year, and are expected to take at least the syntax and phonology sequence in year 1.

  • LING 607 Phonology I

  • LING 609 Syntax I

  • LING 608 Phonology II

  • LING 610 Syntax II

  • CGSC 696 Psycholinguistics

Required primary specialization area:  Syntax/Semantics or Phonology 

(12 required course credits plus 24 related credits, including at least three 800 level seminars) 


Students can chose to complete a specialization area in addition to one of the core areas. 

The specialization area can count as part of the “24 related credits” requirement in the core area.  



LING 691: Semantics 

LING 830: Syntax III or LING 831: Topics in Syntax 

LING 851: Linguistic Field Methods

LING 832: Acquisition of Syntax

24 credits related course work  (chosen in consultation with your advisor) 


LING 612: Intro to Morphology

LING 861: Topics in Phonology

LING 633: Intro to Acoustic Phonetics

LING 862: Acquisition of Phonology

24 credits related course work (chosen in consultation with your advisor) 

Additional areas that can be added to the primary specialization areas:


24 credits: 3 required courses, 15 additional credits

EDUC 665: Elementary Statistics or PSYC 860: Psychological Statistics 1

EDUC 856: Intro to Stat. Inference or PSYC 861: Psychological Statistics 2

CGSC 890: Topics in Psycholinguistics

15 additional credits in CGSC, LING or PSYC

-- Recommended courses: 

CGSC 850: Topics in Experimental Methods

CGSC: 620 Research Methods


Field Linguistics and Language Documentation  

24 credits: 3 required courses, 15 additional credits

LING 612: Intro to Morphology or LING 851: Linguistic Field Methods

LING 801: Language typology

LING 852: Advanced Field Methods

15 credits of related course work from CGSC or LING


Computational Linguistics (3 required courses + 5 related courses)

24 credits: 3 required courses, 15 additional credits

LING 651:  Logical Structures in Language

CISC 681: Artificial Intelligence

LING 867: Advanced topics in computational linguistics

15 credits of related course work from CISC or LING

-- Recommended courses: 

CISC 601:  Elements of the Theory of Computation

CISC621:  Algorithm Design and Analysis​

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PhD Specialization Areas
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PhD Specialization Areas
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